Saturday, June 13, 2009

i love food

i love to cook and boy, do i love to eat. after a long day at work sometimes i have a little trouble coming up with what to make. thank goodness for these lovely ladies.

honest fare
heidi swanson
smitten kitchen

fun food side note: when i told my mom that i don't make my own sauce she was horrified. "how could you not make your own sauce?!?" she exclaimed. "i mean, it's not like i just open a jar and that's it. i open a jar and then add veggies and seasonings to make it my own," i answered. well, this was just unacceptable in her eyes and apparently my grandmother is now rolling over in her grave! so, i'm headed over to mom's tomorrow to have a lesson in the homemade sauce that has been passed down to her from her mother from her mother's mother and so know how us italians can be.

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