Friday, June 12, 2009

1st place to me

i recently started a collection of wooden spoons and spatulas. i love them for all kitchen tasks that require any kind of mixing, folding, tossing, serving and spanking. ;) i say every kitchen needs at least two. when i asked my mother to keep an eye out for quality wooden spoons she replied (with her sarcastic ny flare): "yeah danes, it's at the top of my list!" thanks ma!

check out a few of my favorites.

random fun fact: the 'wooden spoon award' is often given to runners-up in academic and sporting competitions. originally coined by the university of cambridge, the students would give the 'wooden spoon award' to the student scoring the lowest on the mathematical tripos.

the last wooden spoon went to Cuthbert Lempriere Holthous. the inscription on the spoon read:
in honours mathematical
this is the very last of all
the wooden spoons which you see here
o you who see it, shed a tear


  1. Thank you for your addition/correction.