Saturday, May 1, 2010

light on her feet (way back when)

i love me some ballet flats! i just can't have enough of them. i have so many pairs and still i want more. the time has come, my friends...i must own a pair (or two, or three, or...) of repetto ballet flats. i have always loved how incredibly cute they are and while reading up on their history i learned of their connection to the sexy, sultry french actress, brigitte bardot.

long story short, in the 1950s rose repetto created the iconic BB ballet flat for miss bardot.

ok, so i know brigitte bardot can be totally extreme with her racial slurs (i mean she does have
5 convictions!) and animal rights protests and all, but there is no denying her influence on the sexual revolution. at a time when women were to sit comfortably in their roles as quiet housewives bardot attended the 1953 cannes film festival in a bikini! this is one of the reasons why i love the earlier years of brigitte bardot and her effortless french style. je ne sais ne sais quoi!

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  1. you wont be disappointed. well worth the dollars.