Wednesday, April 21, 2010

some summer songs (because there is no spring in florida)

it is already getting hot here! these classics always get me through.

africa - toto
since the other night when my weirdo-always-yelling-(at no one)-jeep-with-no-windows-driving-motorcycle-always-revving neighbor came home at 1am blasting this jam i can not get it out of my head. it is quite good i must admit.

club tropicana - wham!

all night long - lionel richie


  1. all night long will forever make me think of you. and wham i will always attribute to gay not gay.

    sidenote: a few nights ago, i saw two men with their hair gel-ed back wearing matching white denim jeans and white shirts whose back read "choose life". it caught me by surprise and was one of life's more amazing treats.

  2. best. summer. songs. ever.