Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the papaya tree and the property line

Yesterday it came to my attention that there is a beautiful papaya tree bearing fruit on the other side of the fence that divides the property between me and my east side neighbor. Ready to be picked and drenched with fresh squeezed lemon, (I will thank Gabi for that one), two of these luscious fruits were hanging over the property line and into our yard. What was I to do? Are they ours? Do I go with my instinct and climb up the fence and just take them? Do I go on over, risk the dreaded small talk and ask if I can have them? What if they themselves love papaya and want them? Do they know about the lemon? Well, I guess we could share them? Do I have lemons at the house? I decided to sleep on it and leave the taste of fresh papaya lingering on my mind.

I would like to think of myself as one who is as neighborly as they come, but I was beginning to have my doubts. This feeling of uncertainty left a sour taste in my mouth which I was sure could only be cured with the freshest of papayas. I am more than capable of engaging in polite conversation and above all, sharing a couple of papayas!

This morning arrived and to my surprise the papayas were gone. I couldn't help but wonder if it were in fact my neighbors who cut them down or if someone who had less right than I did took them. If it were my neighbors did they see me eyeing the fruit and have the same dilemmas as I? And if they did and decided to take the papayas all to themselves just what kind of "neighbors" do I have?

I just hope they know about the lemon.

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  1. Ask yourself this question, "Will my neighbor clean the leaves and rotten fruit that fall upon my soil?" Use this answer to determine your entitlement to the delicious fruite. Great blog